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DANAG CONSULT LIMITED has gone through all certification and has attained all the license needed to recruit all kind of job personnel in all diverse of skill in the job market bath locally and internationally.

About Danag consult

DANAG CONSULT LIMITED is a registered company incorporated under the law of the Republic of Ghana under the Company Act 1963 (Act 179) with the Company Registration No. CS751972015. We are authorized with a license from the Ghana Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations (MELR), License No. PEA/398. The license is awarded with the aim of recruiting labor both locally and internationally.

DANAG CONSULT LIMITED has gone through all certifications and has attained all the licenses needed to recruit all kinds of job personnel with diverse skills in the job market, both locally and internationally.

Our main aim is to ensure our clients make the right choices and benefit from the current labor market trend, in this directives, we staff both skilled and unskilled staff personnel and professionals in the local and international job market to ascertain our clients on both short and long term deals.

Danag Consult Who We Are

Our personnel are trained and exposed to the current trend of skill to be able to undertake all assignments in an efficient and effective manner towards satisfaction. The world is a global village, and with the introduction of new jobs and skill descriptions, it has also been in our common interest to introduce our clients to being educated or trained on the current job landscape.

We work tirelessly to make sure our clients are in a satisfying mood, with the help of external assistance and an effective assessment tool with companies like TDI Global LTD, 360 Solution, Profile International, etc. With the help of the companies mentioned above, we always come to the best finalization of assessing our employees with great excellence.

The process our clients go through makes us understand our clients in the modern and scientific way. We assure the best assessing tool ever in the system because, giving the right job and the right position is the best Human Resource practice in staffing.

We have also come to the point of ensuring diversity. At Danag Consult Limited, tolerance is our hallmark. Our employees are trained in a manner to be able to work with all manner of diverse people and are coached to work in different types of cultures.

If you want a trusted recruiting or staffing company, then Danag Consult LTD is the best and the right people to call and you be assured of great and excellent workforce.

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Job placement



Assessment & Selection

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Human Resource Management

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staff available for posting

Maintenance Technician, Electrical Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Vehicle Inspector, AC Technician

Nurse, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Trauma Nurse, Theatre Nurse, Pathologist, Lab Technician

Drilling Engineer, Offshore Drillers, Welders

Waiters/Waitress, Front Desk Assistant, Shop Attendance, Warehouse Assistance, House Helps/Maids, Security Guard, Taxi Drivers, Heavy Duty Drivers

Private Nurse, Guest Service Associate, Receptionist/Office Assistance, Caterers

Operators, Electricians, Mechanics, Safety Inspectors, Mill Shift Boss, Lead Miners etc.

Project Manager, Mason, Carpenter, Draftsman, Foreman, Steel bender, and Safety Officer

available services & fast delivery

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